How do I link to HumorLinks from my site?

Code for ordinary text link to HumorLinks (will credit inward traffic):
<a href="">HumorLinks</a>

where xyz = your site's ID number

Other special linking codes (for voting etc.) can be found on your site's 'Details' page. The link to the codes is mid-way down the right hand side of the window.

If possible, instead of a text link you should place one of our graphics somewhere on your main page and link it to

where xyz = your site's ID number

Grab these images.
Please click here to download them.







(If you need a reminder of your site's ID number, simply place your mouse cursor over your site's title in the listings. You can also click on the words 'Details' in the listing to bring up your site's info. This will also show the Site ID Number in the light blue title bar)