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Father Ted

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Hello there, Father Ted Crilley.

"Mrs, Doyle. Someone at the door, Mrs. Doyle"



Flip! You flippin' flippin' flipper! Oh its the knackers yard for you pal!

Ted, I'd love a pop tart.

Drink! Oh, Yes!


T: D`ya know what I mean?

D: I do, Ted.

T: Do ya?

D: No.

...And what about Frosties?

Drink! Woman!

D'ya remember the time his head went septic?


A showers of bastards

Nun! Aaaaarrrrrh!

Hay, we're on a plane!

Sacrifice. Arse!

Drink! Fek! Arse! Girls!

Dermot Morgan 1952-1998 Star of Father Ted - greatly missed

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