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Web Directories Ring
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The Web Directories Ring is a way for great web directories and search engines everywhere to join together. If you run a web directory site, and it's properly maintained, you may add it to the ring.

The basic idea of the webring is each site in the ring has a navigation code on it that links from one site to the next, and eventually the end comes around to the beginning again. Theoretically, the average user would come across one web directory, explore it, and click on the 'next' button. The next site would load, the user would explore it, and so on and so on, until he or she has made it through all the sites in the ring and ends up at the beginning again. This is good because it increases web traffic and exposure for every directory in the ring.


  1. Your site must be a web directory or search engine with links to other sites.
  2. The ring code must be working properly.
  3. The code must be placed on your home/start/main page.
  4. Your site must not contain or have direct links to pornographic images.
  5. Your site must not contain any libelous content.

To become a member of this Ring, visit this URL:;action=addform

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