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The galley (1)
Angry pirates (2)
An administrator walks the plank (3)
Fan blades (4)
The Crimson Permanent Assurance lifts anchor (5)
The building sails away (6)
Sneaking into the big city (7)
Firing cabinets (8)
The window washers (9)
The sign painter (10)
Someone is electrocuted (11)
A pirate gets his eyeglass painted white (12)
Sail away! (13)
The movie logo (14)
Introduction by fish (15)
God with round and square Earths (16)
The film title (17)
Large cartoon lady (18)
Cartoon train (19)
Cartoon demon (20)
Man watching the telly (21)
People factory (22)
So, its a bit bare in here today, isnt it? (23)
Mr. Pycroft, the administrator (24)
And the rough towels (25)
The stork brings another gift (26)
Room full of children (27)
If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate (28)
Every sperm is useful. Every sperm is fine. (29)
Holy statues (30)
The song finale (31)
Mr. and Mrs. Blackitt (32)
Congregation (33)
The headmaster, Humphrey Williams, speaks to Wymer (34)
Now, sex. Sex, sex, sex. Where were we? (35)
The class (36)
Humphrey removes his underwear (37)
Its an ocarina, sir. (38)
The rugby match (39)
The soldiers gives Biggs another clock (40)
Theres love in that cake. (41)
The Hand of God (42)
Sergeant Major (43)
Ainsworth shaves (44)
Perkins leg bite (45)
War casualties (46)
A tiger? (47)
The Zulu Announcer (48)
Find the Fish (49)
Mrs. Hendy cleans off Marvins lens (50)
M'Lady Joeline (51)
Mr. Hendy takes a conversation card (52)
Two men from Liver Donors, Inc. (53)
Eric removes Mr. Brown's liver (54)
I'm too old for that sort of thing (55)
Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars. (56)
Pregnant woman graphic in outer space (57)
The man in pink returns to the refrigerator (58)
The sign painter at The Very Big Corporation of America (59)
Gunther notices the Crimson Permanent Assurance building (60)
Noël Coward (61)
Oh, shit. It's Mr. Creosote! (62)
The maître D speaks with Mr. Creosote (63)
Mr. Creosote vomits on the menu (64)
Mr. Creosote vomits on the cleaning woman (65)
It's only wafer thin. (66)
Mr. Creosote about to explode (67)
Mr. Creosote's remains (68)
I'm so sorry. (69)
Gaston (70)
Arthur Jarrett, a convicted criminal (71)
Gorgeous women chase Arthur Jarrett to his death (72)
Cartoon leaves (73)
The Grim Reaper (74)
Mr. Death in the middle of the table (75)
Shut up, you American! (76)
Dinner guests in Heaven (77)
Tony Bennett sings (78)
Three Wise Men (79)
It's Christmas in Heaven! (80)
The End of the Film (81)


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