Get a Star Listing - and help HumorLinks to cover its costs.

Your site will appear above regular listings in both the directory and search results.

Your listing will have a golden star and carry a .STAR LISTING. label.

For 10 US dollars, you get 1,000 credits to improve your site's position against others and you can list it in up to 3 categories instead of 1.

Display Order of Star Listings is by (Click Weight) x (Monthly Hits)

How it works: Star Listing sites start off with a Click Weight of 1, which may be adjusted from 0 up to a value of 50 via the site modification form. Setting it to "0" suspends the listing's Star status and pauses the deduction of credits. Any credits left are preserved until Star status is reactivated by setting the Click Weight to 1 or more.

How To Order: You need to first, after which you can return to this page and buy credits for your site. We accept payment through PayPal.
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100 Bulk Order Credits: For every 10 US dollars above USD 20.

10% Bonus Credits: For repeat orders or initial orders above USD 20.

Your site's Star Listing level and credits remaining are shown on its detailed page.


Make a Donation: Please help - even if you don't own a website.

It takes time and money to support this project. If everyone who used HumorLinks donated 10 USD or even 1 USD we could cover our basic costs and that would be a huge help.