Copyright©1993 Evans and Savidge


Barry Bakker, Warwick Evans, Vaughan Savidge and Andy Chworowsky



Warwick Evans and Vaughan Savidge (with various scripts contributed by Barry Bakker and Andy Chworowsky - plus ideas and encouragement from George Montgomery)


Pixton Rap:                          The Pixton Rap - MP3

Music by Steve James

Lyrics by Vaughan Savidge

Performed by Reggie "the Rapping Rat" Rathour and Megaphone Diplomacy


The Pager Song:                    The Pager Song - MP3   

Music by Peter Lally

Lyrics by Barry Bakker

Sung by Teresa Norton, Hugh Trethowan and Andy Chworowsky


CD Production:

Steve James


Released by:

The Media Bank Entertainment Group, Hong Kong





Sponsored by Agfa Film & Paper