CD Tracks


Copyright©1993 Evans and Savidge

Opening Word From Above

Star Trek 97

Close Encounters

Give Me Some Level!

Believe It Or Not

Fanny Surprise Chinoise

The Samaritans

Legco Games

The Art of Paper Folding

China's Olympic Bid

Stew Diplomatique

The Police Numberplate

Harbour Foghorns

Desert Island Dreams

Pathe News - Preparations

Pathe News - Streamlining

Pathe News - Red Sails

Pathe News - Taxing Dissidents

Pathe News - Patriots

Sitting Duck - Yellow Feathers

Sitting Duck - Rain Dances

Sitting Duck - Brave Advisers

Sitting Duck - The Payrise

Schoolroom - History Lesson

Schoolroom - Stop That!

Schoolroom - Garbage Out

Schoolroom - Two Plus Two

Schoolroom - The Beehive

Cantonese - Hailing a Taxi

Cantonese - Taking a Taxi

Cantonese - Riding the MTR

Cantonese - MTR Pushers

Cantonese - Minibuses

Cantonese - Using the Phone


Cantonese - Customs

Cantonese - Finalising a Deal

The Sunday Papers

The St Petersburg Ball

The Trip Down the Hill

A Woman At Wimbledon

The Year of the Ox

The Year of the Dog

The Year of the Pig

Year of the Horse

The Year of the Cock

The AIDS Test

Dripping Air-conditioners

Ode to a Lame Duck

The Time Has Come

The Ralph Pixton Audition

Political Forecast 2

Political Forecast 3

Nuclear Forecast

Human Rights Forecast

Bosnian Hair Salons

The Yamamoto Soundpot

Legalade Commercial

The Basic Law

Buffalo Airlines

Super Economy Class

Patten: The Movie

The Tabloids

Startle TV

Startle TV Sports

The Exorcist

The South China Morning

Mark Six Results

TV Police Report


The Film Censors

World News Promotion

The Shipping Forecast

The Pixton Rap

The Board Meeting

The Hotel Manager

Jaws 97

The HK Telephonist

Ding and Dong

What's in a Name?

Kai Tak Customs

The Taxi Driver from Hell

The Philharmonic

Titles For Sale

The Stolen Nuts Case

Hong Kong Lifestyles

A Marvelous Party

My Working Week

The Pager Song

The G-Coder

God and Saint Peter

The Tsing Yi Bridge

Dangerous Slopes

Hell At Happy Valley

Statue Square

Imelda Goes to Court

The Toilet Ambassador

South African Bridge

Singapore Humour Minute

China's MFN Renewal

The Anti-smoking Drive

Hong Kong's New Flag

Trial By Jury

Apology and Closing




All tracks Copyright© Evans and Savidge