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double agent

(Chin.) official name of liberal Legco member elected in the run-up to 1997

double bar

(Med.) phenomenon known to occur in the FCC after the 21st pint


(Chin.) method of transporting two political prisoners in humane conditions

double bill

the concept of "one country - two police forces"


state of mind of Legco members when discussing the beloved motherland

double boiler

Peggy Lam and Dorothy Liu

double CD

a way of getting back at the authorities, as in the Double Take Double CD


(Commerc.) amount paid by foreigners in Beijing

double chin

(Chin.) Mr. and Mrs. Chin


(freemasonry) sign for the Sino-British Joint Declaration

double date

(of new airport) promised completion date


(vulg.) hand-signal used by British to communicate with Chinese leaders

double Dutch

(Du.) = HK's Basic Law

double fault

(Chin.) serious error (usu. unattrib.)

double glazing

(Med.) result of reading Hong Kong's Basic Law

double jeopardy

(insurance) life-risk in HK, after completion of Daya Bay nuclear plant


a Lamma Island resident on pay day

double negative

(Chin.) response given to question asked by anyone surnamed Patten

double trouble

two countries - four systems

double take

(vulg. Brit.) radio show popular in Hong Kong in 1990s


four-letter word describing company with balls enough to sponsor us