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Copyright©1993 Evans and Savidge

Steve James suddenly surfaced in Hong Kong, like a monster from the deep, in the year "dot" and was promptly nicknamed "Spot." Forget I said that! Nobody really knows how old he is, but he seems very, very young - just a boy, really.

Steve started off his career in Hong Kong with Robert Chua Productions but was stolen away by International Hotel Music (IHM), a company run by Vaughan Savidge and Warwick Evans which provided customised radio programmes for hotel rooms back in the late 1970s. Strangely enough, Barry Bakker also worked there, along with Ralph Pixton, John Culkin and Ashton Farley. "Spot" was in charge of all the recording and technical side of the operation. He also voiced the odd commercial - the first being for the Pink Giraffe restaurant on the top floor of the Sheraton Hotel. When IHM collapsed under its own weight (a bit like a pregnant buffalo), Steve joined Commercial Radio where he became a highly successful breakfast radio host. He then did the same thing with even more success and fame with Metro Radio. Believe it or not, he was actually the morning show host for The Metro Zoo on AM1044, following a long stint with 104 FM Select. He was also production director. My God! Where did the rest of us go wrong? And to top it all, he is now a famous radio DJ with RTHK and regularly terrorises Warwick Evans by attacking him in the newsroom. He’s completely out of control and has taken over the internet.

He's now a dad, with a wonderful daughter.

He also has extensive bullshitting experience. We taught him everything he knows. May God forgive us!

He is available (at a price) to voice TV commercials and documentaries.